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Calculate solar exposure

SunHours, a free plugin for SketchUp, lets you visualise how sunlight interacts with your building, allowing for accurate consideration of sunlight early in the design process.

Generate Complex Calculation Grids

Fit grids to any surface and then offset, edit and combine them to provide a flexible environment to visualise sunlight data.

Calculate Hours of Sunlight

Using SketchUp's built-in capacity to calculate shadows, SunHours allows you to run a simulation over any time period to see how many hours grid points are in direct sunlight.

Designed for use with Green Star

Glare Compliance

Show compliance with the IEQ-05:Daylight Glare Control credit in The Green Star green building rating tool, used in South Africa and Australia.

Visualise Grid Data in your buildings

Import data to show anything measured or exported on a grid. Be creative and import measured daylight.

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SunHours_v2.0.8 for Google SketchUp

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About SunHours

Innovating Green Engineering

Sunhours was developed by Solid Green Consulting to assist the solar analysis of buildings and simplify compliance with Green Star's glare credit, thanks to the hard work of Alex Hall.